Sunday, 29 December 2013


It is no news that the unemployment rate in Nigeria is on the high side that some of the ministers had to cry out the exact or estimated percentage rate of unemployed citizens (youth) in the country. This made me recall the old good days as told by elders that back then in Nigeria, the moment you graduate from the university a job within the government agency or the private firms/company awaits you. But now (quoting the words of Director-General National Directorate of Employment) "school leavers and graduates of Nigerian tertiary institutions appear to be most adversely hit by this development (the escalating unemployment problem in Nigeria)."

I will disagree with the NDE DG on the note "that most Nigerian youths are unable to secure job because they do not have requisite skill." Nigerian youths are so skilled; the actual problem is not their skill but an avenue to display those skills. You will agree with me that what is trending in the labour market is job experience of unspeakable years. You do not expect a fresh graduate to have 5years working experience, for where he wan take get am? For class or him papa and mama compound?

What shocked me was seeing an advert from PHCN (as it then was) for a vacant position demanding for a person with 5 years experience among other requirements to apply. If you do not have the stated requirement, you cannot apply. I became bitter on the spot, that I did not know when I shouted "government agency too?"

The revamping of the informal sector would not be enough by mere distribution of equipments as stated by the NDE DG, but in addition, ensure granting of loan facilities as start-up Capital, repayable for at least 5years period. Also those youths who would rather want to work with the degrees, be employed without the unattainable criteria.

Taiwo Taiwo.

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