Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Truly yours...

1st lemme start with this; I love you. YES you!, reading this post. You probably have me figured out than my boyfriend do, or is it lover? Partner? (Whatever the heck they call it these days).

I was typing a post when this inspiration came to me; My boyfriend, lover, partner, soul mate. I realised I dint actually know the right term to describe him with. Which got me thinking; "a lot of us don't know the right term to give the various people in our lives, we prefer to just use any adjective to qualify them and it's just pathetic". Let's face it, the fact that I'm in love with a guy doesn't mean he's my soul mate nor does it mean he's my lover. Or does it? Like I said earlier, "a lot of "US" don't know how best to describe the people in our lives". So, here's my analysis based on my judgement, and that of some people I asked.:

 »Girlfriend/boyfriend- your friend that's a girl/boy. At least this is the correct definition, until people decided it should be used for people you're in relationships with.
 »Lover- a person you're sexually active with. It could be someone you're in love with, and otherwise.
 »Soul mate-someone you believe to have been sent to you from above. Most likely, as a companion.
 »Partner- someone you're with comfortably, either for love or companionship. It could be marriage, a serious relationship, or a fling.
 »Baby- this is just a term used to generally express fondness for someone. That someone could be the person you're in a relationship with, or just a close friend.
 »Darling- someone dear to your heart. It could be an ordinary friend.
 »Sweetheart- also very dear to your heart.
 »Beau- I personally think this should be used to refer someone you're in love with. You've gotta be in love with a guy, before you stand proudly and say, "that's my beau!".

This is as far as the list goes for me... Feel free to add to it, make your own suggestions, or create your own list/definitions. Do share your list here!

Con amor

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Silent Plea...

Two nights ago, I met with a friend @ this bar where they apparently serve lovely ice cream and delicious chocolate cakes. So, me and my sis hooked up with her, and we got talking. We talked about a lot of things, but the one I still can't get off my mind is the topic of how men mistreat their women. I have previously posted something related on this blog titled "equality", but I realise that this issue needs to be addressed often and with full emphasis.

It pains any lady to hear what other ladies go through in the confines of their space while keeping it buried in. This issue is getting really disturbing, especially when you hear about what young educated guys do to their ladies! We often read stories in the papers about men murdering their wives, or @least hospitalising her after a series of punches and blows. In fact, it feels like this part of the world is adjusting to this path. It almost feels natural to hear about a man beating his wife now. Or, how else will you explain a man beating up his wife regularly for almost 20 years, and no one (not even his family) can do anything to stop it?. How can a boyfriend who hasn't even put a ring on it, beat up his girlfriend just for some silly suspicion and people simply laugh about it? In civilised world, a man is NEVER supposed to hit a woman not to talk of beating her black and blue. Who cares in this country what women are going through? Who cares if they are being cheated and maltreated? Who cares to stop this sickening violence against women, when the people that are meant to lead by example also do it? How can you preach something you don't act?

As a woman, I will never let a man mistreat ME in such way!
As a woman, I will never remain in a marriage where I'm being used to practice boxing... Social responsibility be damned! I have a responsibility to myself to stay alive, and to God, to treasure his temple (My Body)!.
As a woman, I say stand up for your right (regardless of your social status). Without us, they're nothing anyway! Every lady deserves so much more than an animal for a partner; you deserve to be loved, cared for, treated with respect, and worshipped because God knows we have a whole lot more to worry about than when next the blows will arrive.

No matter how weak I am, I'm not a chicken and will never stand to be treated like one...

Con amor

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fear Of The Unknown.

When some things happen to me, especially the good things. I feel they seem too good to be true. There has to be some hidden agenda- Good things don't just happen to me, there must be a mistake or maybe I'm being pranked or maybe it's my imagination. With these in mind, I try very hard to avoid disappointments. Sadly, I end up being the hindrance in my own life; my own stumbling block. I realise that this has been going on in my subconscious for awhile now without me acknowledging it. Looking back at my life, I realise I've refused myself the best tins in life, and I sure did my best to refuse myself happiness. YES I had friends, and we laughed together but I made sure nobody got under the skin. Those who tried or succeeded, were kicked out hard and fast.
It's just funny what the human mind can do. Imagine you making decisions in your head without admitting the true depth and origin of your decisions.

Looking at my life from another perspective has helped me so much, in more ways than I bargained for. Feels like I'm standing by the sidelines and watching a show, only this time I'm watching it backwards. I have met so many wonderful people (friends, and acquitances) in my life, and I have lost even more. I have come to accept the fact that I do virtually anything to drive people away from me. I so much wanted to be left alone, yet I hated being lonely. I still don't know why I was so adamant to take life's journey on my own (or maybe I still don't want to admit the real reason), I'm just glad I'm doing much better these days. I'm beginning to see just how much better I am with people that care surrounding me.

Con amor