Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dear Future Hubby.....#dreamland#

I know I've always believed I would settle 4 less when it comes to a future hubby, but I also have some secret fantasies buried deep within. So, here's my letter to you;

Dear Future Hubby,
How are you? I hope you're good. How is my future mother in law, hope she's real nice. And my future father in law? I hope he's charming. How are my future brothers & sisters in law (if I have any)? I sincerely hope they're sweet.
So, to the main point:
I just want to tell you the qualities I want in my man before we meet, so you can work on yourself.
I don't need to say you have to be good looking, cause you must be before I give you attention! You must have a good dress sense, must be well kempt, must be smart. You must be caring, trusting, understanding and honest.
Oh!, and please you need to have a well paying job. You don't have to be rich, but I love comfort!
I like tall, but I can manage average with a clean complexion.
You shouldn't be too proud nor should you be too humble, just stand out.
You should be able to read me, understand me, and live with me.
You have to be prepared to live with just me as I am to live with you. No extended family meddling with our lives. Sure they can come visiting, but I want to be able to make decisions with my husband without consulting our families. Well, that's by the way. You have to be kind at heart and faithful. Yes! I've made some mistakes in recent times, but you must not use them against me. You also have to be willing to help me in the house. You have to be willing to accept me for who I am. I love my man giving orders and I want you to have a firm grip on me (I can be very naughty), but that don't mean you should maltreat me or take me for granted. You also need to know how to respect a woman; you have to respect me, my opinions, my body, and my religion. You have to love me thoroughly. Darling, I just want to feel loved by you, and know you don't just want me sexually. You should also want me for me! I also don't want to be regarded as your baby mama. We'll have our babies, but they should be considered as the product of our love.
My future hubby, you have to be good in bed o (one of us has to be) to avoid quarrels. You also need to know how to cook (for when I'm a lil down, or when I'm heavy with our child), or @least be willing to learn a lil. I won't stop you from going out, or coming back late as long as you come back home to my food and my body. Yes baby! No eating outside our home for you...
So, I've told you the physical and emotional attributes I want in my man. Now it's my turn 2 tell you my attributes. I'm dark complexioned, of average height, slender, and with plenty flaws. I'm also very loving, caring, attentive, faithful, and honest. I hope I meet your criteria of a wife, and lover.

Con amor,


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ol' laughs

Sitting on the sofa, listening to music
I opened my poem journal, and read through them one by one.
I smile as I swift through the pages. There is so much I have missed without even realising it. I've had so much fun in the past! (At least compared to the present)...
One of the poems remind me of when I first met my best friend, Adewunmi. I think we were just meant to be, because we were so opposite in every way. Yet we became best friends! I remember the time we used to be on d neck of the "boys" in class. I remember Beolar, n Akinz (I think we pestered them more than any other boy in class). I also remember Emmanuel Show-ur-face!!(as my girl would call him), and Nnamdi (map of africa or Fina). Imagine how they've all grown!!!!
I remember how the sun stopped shining when my best friend changed school. How I still strived to continue her legacy of pestering some of the boys.

I remember leaving secondary school, and sitting for my senior school leaving certificate examinations in another school. Meeting new faces, new friends, new crushes (lol), new beefs!

I remember my 1st week at Igbinedion. I thought it would be awful, but I ended up meeting a new family; my family- my uncles (that have ever been so amazing) and Taiwo (whom I've come to adopt as my sister)! I recall the friends I made, all of them wonderful in their own way. I remember my 1st relationship... Now, that's a part I will never forget.

I remember the laughs, the cries, the happiness, sorrow I shared with my friends. Olaoluwapo is definitely one I dint expect to be such a good friend to me, but he became so much more (hugs). Ifeoluwatayo was awesome from the 1st moment we met, and he still is. Titilayo, a treasured friend that went astray, but will never be forgotten. Yetunde (or Mafe as popularly called) has been a true friend even till this day; and Exta, a friendship that started in the most unusual circumstances, but still getting strong!

I remember leaving Igbinedion, and some of my friends behind. I remember the happiness and sadness I felt. I remember the tears of joy, and the tears of sorrow I cried in the arms of my friend. I remember the lecturers that made the experience bearable, and those that wanted to make it tough. I remember having the best supervisor ever; a supervisor like a big brother...

The memories rush back into my head, and I remember it all... Some, the best experiences. Others, the worst. In all, I realise I've had the best laughs!
Only i never knew looking back @ the laughs would make me cry....

Con amor