Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ol' laughs

Sitting on the sofa, listening to music
I opened my poem journal, and read through them one by one.
I smile as I swift through the pages. There is so much I have missed without even realising it. I've had so much fun in the past! (At least compared to the present)...
One of the poems remind me of when I first met my best friend, Adewunmi. I think we were just meant to be, because we were so opposite in every way. Yet we became best friends! I remember the time we used to be on d neck of the "boys" in class. I remember Beolar, n Akinz (I think we pestered them more than any other boy in class). I also remember Emmanuel Show-ur-face!!(as my girl would call him), and Nnamdi (map of africa or Fina). Imagine how they've all grown!!!!
I remember how the sun stopped shining when my best friend changed school. How I still strived to continue her legacy of pestering some of the boys.

I remember leaving secondary school, and sitting for my senior school leaving certificate examinations in another school. Meeting new faces, new friends, new crushes (lol), new beefs!

I remember my 1st week at Igbinedion. I thought it would be awful, but I ended up meeting a new family; my family- my uncles (that have ever been so amazing) and Taiwo (whom I've come to adopt as my sister)! I recall the friends I made, all of them wonderful in their own way. I remember my 1st relationship... Now, that's a part I will never forget.

I remember the laughs, the cries, the happiness, sorrow I shared with my friends. Olaoluwapo is definitely one I dint expect to be such a good friend to me, but he became so much more (hugs). Ifeoluwatayo was awesome from the 1st moment we met, and he still is. Titilayo, a treasured friend that went astray, but will never be forgotten. Yetunde (or Mafe as popularly called) has been a true friend even till this day; and Exta, a friendship that started in the most unusual circumstances, but still getting strong!

I remember leaving Igbinedion, and some of my friends behind. I remember the happiness and sadness I felt. I remember the tears of joy, and the tears of sorrow I cried in the arms of my friend. I remember the lecturers that made the experience bearable, and those that wanted to make it tough. I remember having the best supervisor ever; a supervisor like a big brother...

The memories rush back into my head, and I remember it all... Some, the best experiences. Others, the worst. In all, I realise I've had the best laughs!
Only i never knew looking back @ the laughs would make me cry....

Con amor


  1. Sweet,painful bt interesting it

  2. I too gbadun this.grateful 2 whoever posted this

  3. Better days ahead dearie...ΰ deserve d best & d best shall get. ΰ ar d strongest lady I'v eva met apart frm my mum,I'm Hapi I met ΰ.