Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Why do we waste our time with fear, when it is that same fear that will lead to the unfortunate event we fear?
Do'you get it??

Fear is good, in a religious manner. You have to fear our Lord, be fearful. And true, some say it's alright to be afraid but in my opinion, It's not alright being in fear!
I recently had a conversation with a girlfriend of mine, and I was prompted to ask her worst fear. Guess what she said;- Being lonely! Like seriously? How can that be her worst fear? When technology has made it easier to avoid loneliness. I had to ask what planet she was in...
Really, I get her and I understand why she's scared of being lonely. A lovely young lady, yet to be married and without a serious relationship? Hell, I don't blame her for thinking what the future holds for her... The chic imagines heartbreak every time a guy comes near. Who would blame her? She thinks she's built strong walls around her heart but in contrary, she's been leaving her heart open to heartbreaks.
Someone told me recently that; the more you're scared of something, the more you think of it. And the more you think of it, the higher the probability of it actually happening!!!!

Get it now??!!
Some people just have the fear of loving when they should be busy loving.. And there are still some that have the fear of dying. Life is sweet and short, it shouldn't be spent in fear. I've had my share of fears, and it didn't help me one bit. Because in the end, I keep doing what I fear unconsciously!
I used to hold on to a fear of having a love less marriage in future (and maybe a tiny lil part of me still does), of being a useless wife, of being unworthy... See, from a very young age I had told myself over and over again that I was useless and I've never believed myself worthy of anything I got. Hence, the origin of my fear. I used to pray then that when I grew up, things should have changed and women wouldn't have to get married (Boy, was I just wishing 4 stars!).
So every time a guy approached me, I already imagine the worst he could be before I even consider him.
And then along came a guy that changed my view. He said I'm just hurting myself without realising it. And that because I already think it, I would make it happen. For example, me thinking my hubby and I would fight everyday will only make us do so. And even if d hubby didn't want 2 fight, I would instigate it with something!
I actually reasoned with this guy's logic. It made so much sense!
Some of us actually think that seeing bad in everything prepares one for the worst. I say; Maybe it does, maybe it's easier to cope that way, but what if the worst never comes? Have we ever thought about it in that way?
What if you get the perfect partner, and you're thinking he's too good to be true or he might be hiding something... And you instigate a big fight causing you to loose him? Think about it....
What if the worst just never comes? And you're already prepared for the battle that will never arrive!
What will you do? You eventually create your own battle!!!

We on the same page now?

Don't end up instigating your own heart break because of a base less fear!
It's difficult, YES! but we all just try...
Everyone faces one challenge or the other, and we all have our cross to bear! Only difference is, some of us are willing to take a risk!
Take a risk on your heart.. Put it out there! If he doesn't respect you for taking a risk on him, there are plenty more you can take a risk on..
I took a risk on my heart once, it didn't end well. But that didn't stop me from rising and willing to try again!
That's what taking a risk is! I can only hope it will end well... And if it doesn't? I'll just get up and try my luck again elsewhere!
That's a strength every woman must possess!!!
I am willing to let go of my fear! I'm taking a chance with destiny, and requesting for what I want! It can never be as bad as you imagine! At least, you get to have fun while taking the risk!!
And I believe that heart break is for weak ladies: If you're strong, you won't be heart broken! Neither will you dwell on it... You'll take it as a lesson well learned, and be a better woman. That is what a woman's strength is!

Con amor


  1. Wow! This Íڪ brilliant. Ones again you have left •̸Ϟﻉ speechless. I wish your friend luck in overcoming her fears. Cheers!

  2. Thanx darling... ♍ sure dat frend has overcome the fears already, she needs no luck