Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bye Bye

I was about posting a different blog, when i heard the terrible news..

I heard you were gone, forever and it didn't even dawn on me what they meant.
I'm still beyond shocked, and i don't know why i'm writing this now nor do i know what i'm supposed to write. I just feel so so awful right now.
I had only met the woman once, a few weeks ago but she was awesome. I should have met her sooner, but i kept postponing it. I finally met her like 3weeks ago, and now she's gone. I had just started knowing her, looking forward to seeing her again.....
That sunday, 3 weeks ago, i said goodbye but i promised to go see her again. Who would have thought it's her vacant body i would be seeing next?
Who would have dreamt that such a wonderful mother would leave left us so soon?
She left without seeing my sister get married to her son, without carrying my sister's kids in her arms, without being called "grandma" by my sister's children!... She left without actually meeting her inlaws!
She left without seeing all her children become great men & women, without becoming all she prayed day and night for them to become!...

Maybe if i could rewind time, i would have gone to see her sooner;
I would have become close to her;
I would have stayed longer on that sunday;
I would have said my byes;
I would have let her know how much my sister speaks of her;
I would have told her how much my sister loves her;
I would have let her know that my sister would cry if she got hurt;
I would have told her funny stories about my sister when she was growing;
I would have made her laugh, even if for a few minutes;
I would have gone back again to see her;
I would have assured her everything would be fine;
I would have...........

It's all just would haves.... I really can't turn back time.
I can only comfort my grieving sister and brother in law;
I can only hold the dear woman's memories (no matter how little i know) close to my heart, and let her live on...
I can only pray the good Lord forgives all her sins, and grant her entry into Paradise!

Con amor

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