Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Fallen HERO

I've never seen my father cry before (@least not for anyone other than me!) So, it was shocking to walk in on him and find him weeping silently. I became worried cos i'm in good health. What then, is the reason behind the tears?
He told me a powerful man had died!
The king of his hometown, with whom he spent a whole day on monday; whom he still spoke with last night has died.

I was shocked! I had met the man several times and he was awfully nice. He was a humble king. A king that didn't mind coming and staying over with you when he's in town. A king that could make a joke with a young girl, and laugh with her over it. A king that would accept a hug instead of the royal fuss. And he was young, that's the saddest part of it all.
Now I know why my father shed tears for the fallen hero. He is the reason my father declined politics in lagos. Father respected him so much, he wanted to make him proud. I remember the day he came to lagos to talk to Daddy about the politics in his state and how his town was being left out. I remember Dad assuring him he would try his best to rectify the situation. And I know (beyond all doubt) just how MUCH he has been trying.

Why do the good and honourable ones die first?
Why did he have to die now, when it was just a matter of time?
Why do good men die at all?

ADIEU OBA SHITTU GBANGBADE, Olowu of Owu. I know you're in a better place now!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

my other life...#2

Life is unfair!
It shouldn't have been me! Why was it me? I've been a good girl so far! What'd I do?
Those questions were the only things on my mind and I kept drowning further in self pity as they came. Who wouldn't?!

About a year ago, I woke up to voices of the rescue team. I noticed that I hurt all over and the 1st thing that registered was blood. Too much blood. I turned to the left, and was taken aback by the sight. My driver sat there, neck twisted and lifeless. But what disturbed me most (even till date), was the look of horror on his face! I was removed from the car, and I tried to take in the damage. My God! Cars, wrecked; blood, lots; bodies everywhere; faces, cries.. I saw it all!
After 4months, I was finally wheeled outta the hospital. I had lost about 50pounds, my self pride, and my businesses had suffered!
My legs had taken most of the hit in d accident, and so the doctors had to do a reconstruction for the left leg. And I wasn't to leave d wheelchair anytime soon. They said I was lucky to be alive!
Another 3months passed and I knew I was screwed. I still hadn't left the wheelchair, and I could barely do anything on my own. My perfect fiancé came to visit just once, a couple of phone calls and he vanished! Thank God for my family, they've kept me sane so far... The reunion took place without me, and my collection of designers are as good as useless. Friends didn't even pretend like they cared. Everyone that loved me had left me, with the exception of my family. I brought this upon myself. I knew the type of people I walked with, just never gave it much thought!
A few weeks later, after burying myself in more self pity, I was taken to the hospital. The doctors said I should be ready to stand now, and frankly, I wasn't real thrilled about it. I just saw the latest Versace shoes displayed on the way, and I wept inside. I would have those shoes now, if it weren't for all this! God didn't care, if he did, he wouldn't bare to watch me suffer so much! He wouldn't just sit there, and leave me in misery. After the physiotherapy session, the doctors said I stand a very good chance to walk again soon.
I was wheeled outta the hospital, and the car was being re parked. Suddenly, there were screams and everyone looking above. I raised my head, and I saw a brick coming from the heavens directly at me!

...I woke up, covered in sweat and scared to death!.. I had been dreaming but it took awhile for me to register that. When it did, I knelt and prayed to God. I had been so caught up complaining about the things I lost, I hadn't looked at the beauty of what I did have! He spared my life, and gave me another option. It finally dawned on me, dat I'm perfect d way I am.

Con amor

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

my other life

It was a beautiful morning. The best I had seen in recent times. The sky shone so brightly, it was hard to believe it real. And real it was, with me waltzing down the stairs like the very queen of England. I sat at the breakfast table humming "Run this town".... Even the dog could perceive I was in a good mood. And why won't I be? When my life is so perfect and everything is looking good in my favour. I live in a magnificent home with a wonderful family, I have the best fiancé in the world, in perfect health, a gorgeous body, every lady's dream wardrobe, and I lavish in different currency daily. What more could anyone ask for?!

After a few hours, it wasn't a so-perfect day anymore. In fact, it was getting uglier with each passing minute. I had already complained about the cook, the food, laundry, car, driver, gate man, and even tons of useless drivers in traffic! I was getting frustrated and it wasn't so cool! I was on my way to a reunion party, and I had to look my best. I had to show the old mates that we no longer are equals. On that thought, I told the driver to pull over at the next boutique. I had to freshen up my make up, and change wears. I was dressed in calvin klein top to bottom, and I just got an idea. I chose a new pair of baby phat pants, Donna Karan blouse, Emporio Armani shoes, Versace handbag and Gucci sun shades. I looked at my new costume, and it was fantastic. I walked out of the boutique feeling quite refreshed, beautiful, and definitely sexier!

Back in the car, the day was brightening up again! The sun glowed, and it looked astonishing from the new shades. It wasn't like the other was bad, it's just that it wasn't as expensive as this. This is exactly what I needed: different brands of expensive wears to give dem a view of my worth. Oh my, they will be shocked when they hear of my achievements. I own 3 companies in my name (2 of them, widely known), and manage 2 other companies on behalf of the family. In short I was born with a golden spoon, but I decided to add diamonds by the side!. That means I'm usually busy but my baby understands. That's part of what makes him perfect, he loves me and is always understanding.
That was the last thing on my mind before a heavy load truck cut across the road and straight into us.................

Con amor

Friday, 16 December 2011


There was a time when i found it difficult to say the word, and i just acted like 'what could i ever be sorry for?'. The ones who knew my genesis, are probably used to that attitude but I'm not so proud of it!
So, this blog is dedicated to anyone in my past, present, (and possibly future) or that i found it difficult to say sorry to. Here are enough "sorries" to last you a lifetime! *lol*

So, I'm sorry for all the wrongs I've done;
I'm sorry for the rights i did in wrong ways;
I'm sorry for being annoying;
I'm sorry for being mean;
I'm sorry for being black;
I'm sorry for being impatient;
I'm sorry for my strictness;
I'm sorry i was too hard on you;
I'm sorry for being romantic;
I'm sorry i expect too much from you;
I'm sorry for the tears have cried;
I'm sorry for the laughter;
I'm sorry for the jests;
I'm sorry for the gossips;
I'm sorry for the way i talk;
And more sorry for the way i walk;
I'm sorry for the way i look;
I'm sorry for how i chew;
I'm sorry for being me;
I'm sorry i find it difficult to change;
I'm sorry I'm so small in size;
I'm sorry I'm beautiful;
I'm sorry for the way i dress;
I'm sorry for not choosing nudity;
I'm sorry i get bored easy;
I'm sorry i find it difficult to love;
I'm sorry for the hearts I've broken;
And much more for the ones i didn't;
I'm sorry that you love me;
I'm sorry that you don't;
I'm sorry i hate pity;
I'm sorry i don't cry;
I'm sorry i can be very emotional;
And I'm sorry for when I'm not;
I'm sorry i was born this way;
I'm sorry that I'm sick often;
I'm sorry i stress you so much;
I'm sorry i help you at times;
I'm sorry I'm not what you bargained for;
I'm sorry i didn't turn out excellent;
I'm sorry I'm not a bookworm;
I'm sorry i have other interests;
I'm sorry I'm very sociable;
I'm sorry i don't party much;
I'm sorry for not laughing to your jokes;
I'm sorry for laughing too much to them;
I'm sorry for the fake smiles;
I'm sorry for chasing you away;
I'm sorry for being a chicken at times;
And I'm sorry i can be very daring;
I'm sorry i never hurry myself;
I'm sorry i take things too slow;
I'm sorry I'm so careless;
I'm sorry i never throw old things out;
I'm sorry I'm so thoughtful;
I'm sorry i over think things;
I'm sorry i sleep much;
And I'm sorry i get carried away;
I'm sorry I'm so local;
I'm sorry I'm not so local;
I'm sorry i eat your type of food;
And I'm sorry i don't eat your type of food;
I'm sorry for being so honest;
I'm sorry for the lies;
I'm sorry i don't do what you want;
I'm sorry I'm so stubborn;
I'm sorry for being so blunt;
I'm sorry for not speaking out often;
I'm sorry for forgetting your birthday;
I'm sorry for ignoring you on a normal day;
I'm sorry i get angry easy;
And I'm sorry I'm so difficult to understand;
I'm sorry i don't do things early enough;
I'm sorry I'm not perfect.....

Con amor