Saturday, 24 December 2011

my other life...#2

Life is unfair!
It shouldn't have been me! Why was it me? I've been a good girl so far! What'd I do?
Those questions were the only things on my mind and I kept drowning further in self pity as they came. Who wouldn't?!

About a year ago, I woke up to voices of the rescue team. I noticed that I hurt all over and the 1st thing that registered was blood. Too much blood. I turned to the left, and was taken aback by the sight. My driver sat there, neck twisted and lifeless. But what disturbed me most (even till date), was the look of horror on his face! I was removed from the car, and I tried to take in the damage. My God! Cars, wrecked; blood, lots; bodies everywhere; faces, cries.. I saw it all!
After 4months, I was finally wheeled outta the hospital. I had lost about 50pounds, my self pride, and my businesses had suffered!
My legs had taken most of the hit in d accident, and so the doctors had to do a reconstruction for the left leg. And I wasn't to leave d wheelchair anytime soon. They said I was lucky to be alive!
Another 3months passed and I knew I was screwed. I still hadn't left the wheelchair, and I could barely do anything on my own. My perfect fiancé came to visit just once, a couple of phone calls and he vanished! Thank God for my family, they've kept me sane so far... The reunion took place without me, and my collection of designers are as good as useless. Friends didn't even pretend like they cared. Everyone that loved me had left me, with the exception of my family. I brought this upon myself. I knew the type of people I walked with, just never gave it much thought!
A few weeks later, after burying myself in more self pity, I was taken to the hospital. The doctors said I should be ready to stand now, and frankly, I wasn't real thrilled about it. I just saw the latest Versace shoes displayed on the way, and I wept inside. I would have those shoes now, if it weren't for all this! God didn't care, if he did, he wouldn't bare to watch me suffer so much! He wouldn't just sit there, and leave me in misery. After the physiotherapy session, the doctors said I stand a very good chance to walk again soon.
I was wheeled outta the hospital, and the car was being re parked. Suddenly, there were screams and everyone looking above. I raised my head, and I saw a brick coming from the heavens directly at me!

...I woke up, covered in sweat and scared to death!.. I had been dreaming but it took awhile for me to register that. When it did, I knelt and prayed to God. I had been so caught up complaining about the things I lost, I hadn't looked at the beauty of what I did have! He spared my life, and gave me another option. It finally dawned on me, dat I'm perfect d way I am.

Con amor

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