Friday, 26 June 2015

Pretti Pinku

I need to use this medium (which is the only real thing I have anyway) to wish my friend and sister from way back a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE. Miss Titilayo Faluyi, turned Mrs Titilayo Uyi got married to her heartthrob on her birth day, the 20th Day of June, 2015.
Ado Ekiti received visitors from far and wide to witness the occasion, and regardless of the distance, we all went to felicitate with our girl. It was so nice to be with old friends, and to just be happy watching someone else's happiness. Honestly, I don't think there is a greater joy than that. I felt like a proud big sister, and I couldn't help it. If you knew her when and like I did, I'm certain you would feel the same.
Kindly join me in wishing her and her husband a fulfilling and prosperous and many blessed married years together! May the Almighty Lord grant your desires in every aspect of your life dear.

Con amor!


Have you noticed that as we celebrate more birthdays in life, our topic of discussion tends to change. We stop talking about ‘toasters’ at a certain age; we stop talking about boyfriends and their attitudes; we stop talking about our ability to play games in relationship. Our conversations starts getting more serious and are mostly dominated by husbands, soul mates, life partners, et al. We start complaining about the lack of suitors, we complain about un-serious guys, and such. I recently had a chat with a girlfriend who’s a couple of years older than I am, and I felt disgusted when I later reflected on our conversation that we didn't actually talk about anything of note. We only talked about MEN..

What struck me particularly as odd is that she had resigned to fate and was no longer comfortable with her single status. She expressed her fear of being a spinster, fear of being judged, and fear of remaining alone all her life! I was shocked that one person could have so many fears concerning the same issue, when I am deliberately staying away from men and the likes. My friend, bearing in mind her single status and her fears, made the unconscious decision to get her father to arrange her marriage. When I pointed this out, she starting getting scared to actually go through with it knowing well that it would seal up her fate! You could see her confusion when I began trying to dissuade her from her dangerous line of thought. To further confuse her however, I asked if she could sign a marriage contract for convenience and she said “God forbid”! My question, what’s the difference in what you are about doing and getting married for convenience? What’s wrong in signing a contract with a man and specifying agreed terms into it?! At least, then you can express your desire before going into it.

If you’re not sure of the deal you are getting, is it really worth it to do it? You need to recognize the difference between what you deserve and what you are settling for. Arranging your own marriage without details of what you are getting into is bad enough; asking a parent to arrange your marriage blindly is just a terrible idea. As I always tell my mother: times have changed, what you accepted from my father early in marriage can never go down well with me. Honestly, arranged marriages work well for some people and they live happily with growing love but it fails horribly for others. I just don’t think it is ideal in this century any more. My father may make the best choices for me when it comes to some life choices, but he can never know the kind of man I want as a partner. Hell! Even I am not certain of the kind of man I want.

Con amor

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Real Reason The Hottest Girls Never Have Boyfriends!

-Culled from
I came across this post, and i had to repost it (with a few corrections). I honestly couldn't have said it better!

I don’t know where or when it started, but sometime or another we decided a woman’s worth was dependent on her relationship status. We decided if a girl was hot, she must have a boyfriend. If she didn't, something was wrong with her. She was inadequate. She was not date-able. We were told “all the good ones have boyfriends” and all the rest are crazy. If she couldn't find a man, it’s because she couldn't keep one.

Did no one ever think maybe she just didn't want one?

Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe it’s because she can’t find anyone worthy of her time? Did it ever cross anyone’s mind that the most beautiful women are too good to settle for just anyone?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems the most valuable, beautiful and secure women never have boyfriends. Because when they see couples, all they see is settling — something they will never do. They won’t be in a relationship for the sake of it and most definitely won’t give in to societal pressures that say they’re better off with a man. They’re strong and secure enough to wait alone for the right one.
It’s the hot ones who don’t need validation through a relationship. It’s the women who are confident enough to know themselves outside of someone else. And it’s always the hot ones who are judged much more harshly than anyone else.

Because they don’t trust guys’ intentions

Most of the guys they meet are either assh*les, douchebags or looking for something. They've had too many bad experiences to fully trust when they’re having a good one. They’re always waiting for the bottom to drop or the true motives to reveal themselves. It’s hard to meet the people in front of you when you’re always looking behind you and over your shoulder.

Because everyone usually assumes they already have boyfriends

When you see a hot guy, you’re less likely to go up to him because you assume he’s sleeping with some model or taken by someone. You’re less likely to go up to him because you figure there’s more to lose. The same goes with hot women. If you assume she’s taken, why waste your time talking to her?

Because they’re as insecure as anyone else

Even if they’re confident being single, they’re not completely immune to society’s constant judgements. They know in their hearts they’re fine without a man, but when you hear someone ask you why you don’t have one every day, year after year, it can wear on you. It may not seem like it, but hot women don’t always feel hot.

Because people make unfair assumptions

I'm not saying hot people have it harder; that’s just obnoxious. Complaining you have a rough life because people only want to have sex with you sounds like a bad Paris Hilton quote circa 2005. But it is true that when people only want to have sex with you, they don’t think much about anything more with you. A lot of times, they assume if you’re hot, you’re dull or stupid.It’s always a “shocking surprise” when a hot girl doesn't talk in a baby voice or just want to talk about her favourite reality show.
Unfortunately, for all the intelligent and beautiful women out there, they’re stuck fighting that stigma.
Because most of the guys bold enough to talk to them are assh*les It’s the age-old phenomenon none of us can explain. The only people with the confidence and game to hit on you are the people who shouldn't be in the game at all.
It’s always the douchebags who try to pick up the hot single girls. And it’s the good guys who always have girlfriends or are too insecure or shy to make a move.
Like those bad middle school dances, all the wrong people are pairing up.

Because people are afraid of the unknown

Hot single women are a conundrum – people don’t know what to make of them. People think if they try to date a hot single woman, she will just end up breaking their hearts. People think they must have crazy exes or are the crazy exes. People think they are stupid, shallow or judgemental. People think because a hot woman is single, something must be wrong with her. Everyone’s forming hypotheses, but no one has the balls to test them out.

Because they’d rather not settle

Unlike everyone around them, they know what they deserve and aren't scared to stay true to it. Beautiful single girls aren't scared to go out alone or admit they don’t have anyone waiting for them at home. They know being with someone wrong is just going to delay meeting that perfect someone. They’re not scared to wait it out; they’re hot enough to get through the cold streak.

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Self LOVE!

Looked through my past status today, and its so hard to believe i was complaining about "feeling and looking old" only 10 months ago. I wasn't even this old then, and I feel bliss at the moment. Life has a funny way of seeming brighter when you have something to look forward to everyday!

I still love the same people- my family!, still have the same friends but I may have started feeling more at peace with myself lately. I have made more friends this year than I've made in the past 5 years altogether, and I've reconnected with some old pals: all in a few months! I am more focused at work, I seem to know the track I'm on these days, I do know what I want from life. I have realised the hard way that life is not always what you wish it to be, and you've just got to grab on hard to stay on the ride. I'm staying on my ride, caring less about what people think by the day.

Although my days are still filled with the same predictable and non-thrilling events, I wake up each day looking forward to learning and doing something new. I started challenging myself in the kitchen, and with my writing. It almost feels like I'm living a new life dictated by ME! I do basically what interests me, and what I know will bring me joy. I make myself happy by simply feeling accomplished.

Oh! there are days I yearn for something more like that huge piece of chocolate cake, but at least it’s usually with a smile on my face! :D

Con amor,