Monday, 1 June 2015

Self LOVE!

Looked through my past status today, and its so hard to believe i was complaining about "feeling and looking old" only 10 months ago. I wasn't even this old then, and I feel bliss at the moment. Life has a funny way of seeming brighter when you have something to look forward to everyday!

I still love the same people- my family!, still have the same friends but I may have started feeling more at peace with myself lately. I have made more friends this year than I've made in the past 5 years altogether, and I've reconnected with some old pals: all in a few months! I am more focused at work, I seem to know the track I'm on these days, I do know what I want from life. I have realised the hard way that life is not always what you wish it to be, and you've just got to grab on hard to stay on the ride. I'm staying on my ride, caring less about what people think by the day.

Although my days are still filled with the same predictable and non-thrilling events, I wake up each day looking forward to learning and doing something new. I started challenging myself in the kitchen, and with my writing. It almost feels like I'm living a new life dictated by ME! I do basically what interests me, and what I know will bring me joy. I make myself happy by simply feeling accomplished.

Oh! there are days I yearn for something more like that huge piece of chocolate cake, but at least it’s usually with a smile on my face! :D

Con amor,


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