Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Fallen HERO

I've never seen my father cry before (@least not for anyone other than me!) So, it was shocking to walk in on him and find him weeping silently. I became worried cos i'm in good health. What then, is the reason behind the tears?
He told me a powerful man had died!
The king of his hometown, with whom he spent a whole day on monday; whom he still spoke with last night has died.

I was shocked! I had met the man several times and he was awfully nice. He was a humble king. A king that didn't mind coming and staying over with you when he's in town. A king that could make a joke with a young girl, and laugh with her over it. A king that would accept a hug instead of the royal fuss. And he was young, that's the saddest part of it all.
Now I know why my father shed tears for the fallen hero. He is the reason my father declined politics in lagos. Father respected him so much, he wanted to make him proud. I remember the day he came to lagos to talk to Daddy about the politics in his state and how his town was being left out. I remember Dad assuring him he would try his best to rectify the situation. And I know (beyond all doubt) just how MUCH he has been trying.

Why do the good and honourable ones die first?
Why did he have to die now, when it was just a matter of time?
Why do good men die at all?

ADIEU OBA SHITTU GBANGBADE, Olowu of Owu. I know you're in a better place now!

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