Monday, 29 August 2011


Seriously, if being a girlfriend means being treated like you're not worth respecting...Then what the fuck are you still doing in that relationship wen you can be treated like a queen in another man's arms?

Lets take a look around us. We all have those kinda friends; who have been jilted over and over and over again by the same man! Not like they were stupid, they were simply "in love"... And the rest of us on the sideline, just waiting to console them again swear every time that we would never make such mistakes. But, we have boyfriends that keep hurting us and we keep giving them second chances.
Like, what's the difference???
I've seen and heard about a lot of women taking so much crap in a relationship, and i still wonder why. Do they think there ain't guys who could love them out there? Or is it just the love. I know the African mentality, has been a precursor for how most ladies are treated by men in this part of the world. The tradition, and religious beliefs are so strict that you think twice before going against a man. Tradition, i can comprehend. It's their culture. But religion? I sometimes wonder where some men of God get their sermon from, or maybe they just decide to translate the holy books in whichever way they desire. When they say in the beginning God created man, and woman as his companion. I don't have a lot of degrees, but i think that clarifies the issue of equal right on it's own.
Here's the thing; I can still accept a "not so equal right in a marriage", and wen i say that i mean a 60-40 right. What i can not stand is not having an equal right in a relationship! I've heard stories about ladies being beaten by their 'boyfriends', and then f***ed after it all. You can imagine what these ladies will go through if they got married to animals like that. Most of them will live in fear of being beaten for the rest of their lives. But why stick with such bullshit in the first place, is what i can't comprehend. You two have been dating and he's showing signs that you can't live with, don't bother sticking around in hopes that he'll change.... LEAVE immediately!
If you don't have a voice at the start of a relationship, then you'll be a faint voice in that relationship forever. I know that some ladies believe that if you leave the devil you are with, how are you sure the angel you'll meet won't be worse than that. And in honesty, you can never be sure but i say try again. "Ohh, there's a scarcity of the good men...."blah blah blah bullshit. From the few, you shall find your own! It's your choice that's making it scarce. Look beyond religion, colour, tribe and you'll realize you have a better chance at happiness.
We also have some ladies that can't even say how they want to be treated in bed! If the man mishandles them, they just take the pain like that. In fact, this happens to most women. Scared to voice your desires, so you won't be labeled a 'slut'. They just go through the horrible experience to make babies, and as soon as babies come they stop. Thereby, driving their husbands outside to the so called 'sluts'. A lot of women have lost their sexual drives in this manner and i think it unfair that a partner can not encourage his woman to express herself. Being a man is not dominating a woman in every way; it's being responsible and at the same time, passionate! The fact that your wife is not allowed to say if she's horny or not, does not mean you're powerful. It means you lack what it takes to be a husband!!

I do not encourage disrespect, but i definitely encourage mutual respect. You need to respect me enough to get my opinion, not just make decisions for me like I'm a baby or invalid. Mutual respect is calling your partner that you cannot make an appointment, not assuming he or she is supposed to know. When there's mutual respect, there's understanding; and where there's understanding, there's trust. Where there's all these, tell me how there won't be love? We need to see marriage beyond adding to the populace, and fulfilling family responsibility. We need to see marriage beyond a way to get a new surname!!!

Con amor

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