Tuesday, 16 August 2011


If you dunno how lucky we are in this generation, you've gotta take a step back and have a closer look at your life. We are so lucky, we don't have to think so hard before doing things daily. Some of us don't even make regular use of our brains. What with all these technologies? Who's gonna bother?. I admit I'm one of the new technology fans and my favorites are the smart phones. Oh boy, and smart they are... Do you have any idea what a phone can do for you now? Like basically, it makes your work easier. And the bad (or good, depending on how you see it) thing is that you totally get dependent on them without even realizing it.
Recently, i lost my blackberry while at a cinema with my sis and uncle and after a few hours, it still hadn't dawned on me that my bb was gone. Why should it? i was having so much fun, laughing as hard as i could, gisting, eating, and checking out girls (that was for my uncle please, am totally straight). I didn't get the feeling of being *blackberryless* until the next morning when i reached out towards my pillow and it wasn't there. Oops, that was like waking up to a bucket of iced water poured on me. Only took me a couple of minutes to get my thoughts together, and i made it through that day without hanging. But damn! after that day, i felt like hanging... It dawned well well, and just kept on hurting with each passing moment. Seeing my Dad's bb, as good as useless in his hand; then my sis always pinging; i felt like the world was unfair! It was during this time that someone would tell me about this awesome site, or some link i gotta check out, or some app i had to download on my phone: soon as i reach for my bb, i remember all over again. As in, it felt like everyone was mocking me. Worst part was my lovely music collection that i lost. I had intended to back up my files when we got home that very day.
In summary, i spent more than two whole weeks being "blackberryless" and it wasn't funny. Those 2 weeks were not the most terrible days, but they were definitely stressing. It just felt like a part of me got misplaced with the damn phone! I just shut down, figuratively. But seriously, think about it! How the hell, have we coped before the arrival of smart phones, and laptops, and ipads? How have we been able to do anything? Cause i know exactly how i felt without my phone o... almost useless. Thing is; it wasn't like i missed pinging, NO! But i just wanted to have it back, to hold it again, to put down my thoughts, to send emails, receive alerts and facebook notifications & twitter mentions, n calender reminders. I just missed having my portable, carry on internet surfer..

Con amor

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