Monday, 2 December 2013

Happy End of the Year!

I know I planned to start the post features for my blog on the 1st of December, 2013 but the last couple of days have been particularly stressing for me in every way. I am immensely sorry I didn't start when I had intended, but I guess that will also mean a longer time before we end this challenge.

Now, is the time to talk to ourselves. WRITING is not a special talent gotten from heaven; it's an habit that's cultivated over time and with practice. Don't get me wrong- I know that there are some people that are very much talented in the art of writing more than others but that's not the kind of writing I proposed here. I did not ask you to write professionally to win a NOBEL prize or an award that would get you recognised internationally. All I asked was for you to challenge yourself, pick up the pen and actually write... Write anything you like- something out of the blue... Write and have fun while at it! How difficult can that be?! Writing to me, the best form of expressing yourself after music. I love writing... I love listening to people/music, thinking, and putting down those thoughts on paper!
So, you can imagine how shocked I was when people sent me messages that "they could not write", "they didn't know how to write" or that "they prefer reading to writing". Some said that "they didn't have any talent in writing". I studied Physiology in school, and did not get any degree in writing. All I do is sit, think, and put down my thoughts in paper. Honestly, I'm not very happy with some people, not because they didn't take part in this challenge but because they already discouraged themselves before they even gave it a shot!. Its quite sad, and its one of the things inhibiting some of us from progressing. Our lack of faith in ourselves. We prefer to believe in others than to actually believe in our own ability to win or to succeed.
Nobody is going to believe in you if you don't first have faith in yourself! You as an individual need to trust in yourself and your capabilities to move the mountain before you even make a move to do so. No one is going to take a confused man seriously! You must be confident and sure of yourself in the face of challenges even if you're scared beyond the skies of messing up. You will either mess up badly or do really well, but I don't see any harm in trying when there's nothing to loose. Your success can only start with you believing that you can do anything, and practically you can if you really set your heart to it!.

On the other hand, I was also quite impressed with the few write ups I've received. They were neatly written, by people who were determined to see it through. I've had so much fun reading about the different things they wrote about and I'm certain you will also. The first featured post will be uploaded in the morning and subsequent ones will appear on later days. Please bear with me if it's a little late, work is very demanding at the moment.

Thank you

Your ever gorgeous and delectable,

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