Monday, 29 February 2016

Truly Love You

Love sometimes play games with our intelligence; especially our first love.

We spend so much time and effort for those people we quickly notice their beauty.

We really want to love them, but end up not actually happening.

Yet, the less obvious ones are right beneath our noses, silent and true.

You listen to them and keep all they say in your heart.

You treat them badly in an attempt to get a little closer.

You wish they would just like you back even if it's a little.

You happily keep all the promises made to them, and fulfil them no matter how long it takes.

You take a beating for them if you have to, and defend them when you can.

What better sacrifice is there than to give your one true love away to someone else who deserves them more? To someone who can take very good care of them like they deserve?

And all you can do is hope they are happy with that one.

You always light a candle in your heart for them, even when you know they like and are with someone else.

You always think of what to do to make them smile.

You pray they know how you feel, but you never have the courage to tell.

You wonder how their future will be like, and if you can be in it.

If you don't see them for a long time, they never lose their place in your heart!

... That's what a true love means.

Con Amor

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  1. Hmmmm. Sometimes, they find their way back to that one who truly loves them and that's when true happiness starts. I'll pass on your message to that lucky girl and guy. Nice one Aries