Sunday, 17 November 2013

The worst kind of Slavery!

You will have to pardon me for having strong views for some topics but most especially against the abuse of women! You will come across a lot about abuse in my blog because I can't seem to emphasize it enough! Abuse against women is wrong!!!
Maybe I have a future as an activist fighting for the right of women or maybe it is from this medium (i.e blog) that I will be able to reach out across men all over the world. Either way, the importance of respecting our women, wives, daughters, mothers can never be undermined. True!, men also get abused in different ways but the most common/popular is being inflicted by the men on us and more in the institution of marriage. If as a man you have known abuse and you have experienced pain, I would think that your conscience (and common sense) will prevent you from inflicting the same abuse (in some cases, worse) on your woman. Have you no empathy for her feelings? If you hate women so much, why then do you need one in your home? to warm your bed and make your meals? If you loathe the sight of her so much, why not set her free? Must you turn her into a slave to prove your manliness?

..... A man that hits his woman isn't a man, but a coward!

You marry her to love and to cherish; to protect and honour; for better or worse; in riches and in wealth; till death pulls you apart. Why then will you marry her and go back on your promise? Is it love to turn your woman into a maid in her own home? Hitting your wife and mother of your child is not an honourable act, and is not how to protect her! You married her to be your partner, confidant, lover, mother, sister and best friend. How can a man use a weapon to hit his wife? Have you no sense of right and wrong?! If you're so good at beating people up, then hit the gym to work off your steam or better still, be a professional boxer! Is it a thing of joy to know that your wife fears you? that she fears being killed or wasted by you? Does it thrill you, to know that she can't look into your eyes and voice out her opinion? Do you get pleasure out of abusing her in bed when she is least interested? Do you look in the mirror after hitting her and feel proud of yourself?

We really should lay importance in educating our women. It is not normal to be in an abusive relationship. The men that abuse women are MONSTERS in guise of men! Our women should be taught to love themselves, and not depend on a man. A woman that knows her right and her place in the world; a woman that is self sufficient cannot be intimidated by any man! No man can have any power over you if you do not give him the liberty. We need to teach our girls that an abusive relationship is not to be managed, it is to be left! We need to let them know that there are better and more caring men out there that would be lucky to have them. Respect but DON'T fear your man, he isn't your GOD!
I don't know what the holy books say about violence against women, but I know what I would want it to say! A man that hits his wife indirectly hits his mother, and he that disrespects his wife disrespects God.