Sunday, 27 October 2013

Experience of a Sickler...

Recently, my mother started complaining of back/waist pain. Initially, I thought it was the all-night marathon of prayer she does all week but after a few days of drugs and methylated cream, it simply got worse. Her legs had started aching too. Now, I don't like to boast or anything but this is something I'm quite experienced in (*chuckles*): Managing pain. And so, I took it upon myself to take care of my mother and make her feel better. I kissed her, joked, and tried to make her feel better.

I remember the day I was first diagnosed with sickle cell disease, my mother had to trek over 500km because there was no means of transport (it was a june 12 riot), with me on her back to the hospital.
I remember when my mother would sit with me, all night because I had to get hydrated at the hospital.
I remember how she would 'force-feed' me, just so I remain healthy.
I remember the way my mother would get my drugs and help me take them all, one by one. Even the ones that threatened to make me puke.
I remember vomiting on different occasions after using some drug and my mother would mop up after me with just a little tiny bit of complain (LMSAO).
I remember the days and nights my mother would bath me because I couldn't walk or bath on my own.
I remember the prayers my mother said on my behalf every hour of the day.
I remember the jokes and laughter she brought to my face when I was deep in pain.
I remember the pain I felt when my mother rubbed "bengay/deep heat" on my body and the grateful relief I felt as soon as she was done!
I remember each drop of every tear my mother shed when she thought the illness would take me away.
I remember my very few terrifying nightmares and how my mother soothed my fears
I remember how my mother took care of ALL my needs because I couldn't.
I remember the late nights we spent gisting about me and MY life!
I remember how she wouldn't sleep all night because she sat beside me on the sick bed.
I remember how happy my mother has been since I have been healthy and crisis-free....

I remember that I have an irreplaceable mother, and it is my duty to take care of her. As I helped her into bed, I pray the Lord keeps her safe and healthy for me.
My mother is a queen and she raised a mini version of herself!

See how well I turned out: A Queen of my own standard!

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  1. Eyitayo Olawunmi, all glory be unto almighty Allah and no one else
    Abiodun Fashola