Tuesday, 29 November 2016

trouble in paradise #2

…… I took it slowly and gentle with her, bearing in mind that she had never done this before. I took my time to pleasure her through foreplay so as to get her ready for me, and then I slipped myself into her…..gently…..slowly……waiting for the hymen to stop my entrance so I could tear it carefully. I was still waiting when I had completely immersed myself into her (and believe me, I am not on the small side). There were no restrictions, nor could I feel the walls of my wife’s vagina. After a couple of thrusts, I stopped because I just wasn’t feeling it. My wife looked up at me with a pout, and said “you should wear a condom, it makes the friction so much better”. I felt like the world had slipped and I was going into oblivion. Did Temilade just say what I believe her to have said? Oh My God!, Did that mean I have waited over a year to have sex with a girl that wasn’t a virgin? I felt played, I felt embarrassed, I felt like hiding my face in shame. I tried hard to breathe deeply, in and out to stay calm, then I asked “Temilade, you told me you were a virgin, what happened?”. My wife smile at me with malice and replied, “Honey, does it really matter if I am a virgin or not? We are married now, and that’s all that matters. Besides, I didn’t actually think you were serious when I said it. I just needed an excuse not to sleep with you, knowing I would return to my hometown after my service year”. She tried touching me and I swatted her hands away. I moved away from the bed, got dressed and took a drink out to the balcony. I was out for 2 to 3 hours, without even knowing. The only thing going through my mind was the girl I had already disvirgined in her prime, and wronged in every way. I wondered how she was doing now. Has she been able to forgive me and move on? I remember seeing her at my wedding reception, looking good but not quite happy: but then, who is ever happy at their ex’s wedding? I should call her as soon as I got home- give her some explanations at least. Would I say it was the devil? Or would I blame it on Temilade, who as of this minute is my new wife?. Temilade,…… I thought to myself. She had played her game so well without stopping to think of the repercussion. I had not even bothered to do all the necessary blood tests before we got married because I convinced myself that she’s got to be clean- she’s a virgin after all. I felt another wave of anger wash over me, and I continued to do breathing exercises. It wasn’t worth it right? We shouldn’t start our marriage on this sour note. I didn’t marry her because of her virginity, or did I? it shouldn’t really matter because I genuinely love her. I did not fall in love with her with her because she claimed to be a virgin, right? Right??.. I began to search myself for an answer.
By the next day, I had come to a conclusion that I would try as much as possible to make my marriage work. Partly because I did not want to be ridiculed, and mostly because I truly believed (after a lot of self convincing) it shouldn’t matter if my wife was a virgin or not. Although we had started off wrongly by giving the foundation a lie to rest on, but I intended correcting it. I discussed with Temilade at length on my decision and she explained that the deceit was not done purposely. She said I was eager to brand her as someone pure, and didn’t have the heart to tell me otherwise. Her family had been pestering her long before she graduated from school, and she saw me as her ticket to achieving her aim. She expressed how bitter she was about the situation, but assured me of her unwavering love for me. This was good for me; she was sorry, and I was willing to forgive. During the course of our stay in Europe, we tried getting to know each other better. It was good for us in every way, even sexually. Although I was used to Lara’s tight vagina during intercourse, I had to find a way to get used to my wife’s loose vagina. After all, I’ll be going in there for the rest of my life. At the end of our ‘honeymoon’, Temilade and I had become somewhat friends. We had decided she wouldn’t bother job hunting; it was better I start a business for her. I resumed work with the zeal of a newly wedded man, and I was able to say I felt happy!
Barely 2weeks after we returned home from the honeymoon, I noticed that Temilade had never entered our newly renovated kitchen to cook me a meal. She was always going out to buy our food, or placing orders at restaurants nearby. At first, I thought it was the euphoria of being newly married, but one day after asking her to make me vegetable and swallow from work, I returned home to find my wife dishing yellow eba and egusi on the dining table. The soup was so small, in comparism to the eba so I requested to have more soup. Here, my wife lamented that the lady who sold her meal had been quite stingy with the soup, meaning she had bought my dinner from a notable restaurant. I tried to hold the reigns on my anger, and said “If you had needed money for foodstuffs, you ought to have told me instead of buying this. I cant keep eating out”. It was when I saw her expression that a feeing doomed crossed over me. That pout was sitting over her expression, then she said, “Honey if you want home cooked meal, you’ll have to get a maid. Cooking is not amongst my skills”. She said it without as much as a blink. I could only stare at my wife of just a little over a month. I had no idea what to say, no could I think. I felt worn out emotionally and psychologically. Temilade was wearing me thin, and we hadn’t even made it to our first anniversary yet. I knew I couldn’t cope on simply restaurant meals because I was very much used to home-cooked meals. Lara had spoilt me with well nourishing diet. Eventually when I could face her later that night, I told her to get in touch with her mother to request for the maid. This seemed to make her happy, because she gave me a kiss right after I said it and said, “Thank God!, I was beginning to wonder how I would keep this house clean when dust begins to accumulate”.
Six months after I got married, I had gotten used to eating the crap our maid prepared every night. My wife did nothing in the house, she had even stopped giving me sex regularly. She even refused to take care of the business I started for her, preferring to get another maid for that purpose. All she did was hang out with friends, party, and party some more. We were virtually living as mere flat mates, and not a couple.  I had even begun to seek out Lara, with the pretense of apologizing. The love I felt for Lara came back into my heart in full, making me wish I hadn’t hurt her so much. Lara on the other hand refused to see me most days, and when she did pick my call, she made it brief. She made me understand that she had forgiven me, but could not be friends with me. If she had given me the chance, I would let her know that I wasn’t actually looking into being friends with her. All I wanted was to have my girl back, with all the good things that came with her. I never spent as much as I have in 6 months of being married, during my 10 years of dating Lara. She assisted me when I was down financially, never spent lavishly, and made me come first in her life! I didn’t recognize the perfection I owned in my life, and I gave her up in replacement of a worthless being. The lady I couldn’t wait to marry a year ago, had now become an object of disgust.
On our first anniversary, my wife shared pictures from our honeymoon on social media with sweet words to accompany them. To outsiders, it would look like we had the perfect relationship, such that some would have wished for a love like ours. At the end of the day, I received a facebook message from someone who I didn’t know personally. It contained pictures of my wife, naked with several men,  with some focusing on her wedding ring; letting me know that the pictures were taken after we got married. I wasn’t hurt by the pictures, as my heart never laid with her but I felt played all over again. What was I to call this? Karma, for what I had done to an innocent angel? Or was God simply paying me back for my past misdeeds?

Do I request to have a divorce, or do I stay with a pathological liar and cheat?, especially when she ‘claims’ to be having my child…. 


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