Friday, 21 June 2013

My Perennial Bachelor

"Mr. Perennial Bachelor
---> This guy’s well-mannered, smart, attractive, witty, successful, and his kisses melt you like ice cream in July. You can’t believe that some woman haven’t walked him down the aisle long ago. Even if you approach him with caution, his charm and persistence probably will win you over. Then just when you start considering whether to take his name or hyphenate, he’ll peel out of the relationship faster than a NASCAR driver leaving skid marks on your heart.
How he’ll lure you in: Ask about his perpetual bachelorhood, and he’ll tell you he just hasn’t found Mrs. Right yet. The unspoken suggestion? You could be her. But dating Mr. Perennial Bachelor is a fool’s journey because there is no right woman and never will be. “Women always think, ‘I’ll be the one,’”  “But if no one has been right, you probably won’t be either.” 
Spot him before you’re hooked: He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family, which means he’s in no hurry to fully integrate you into his life. But the biggest giveaway is that his last significant relationship was back in college and every relationship since has lasted only a few months at most. Around the time you’re expecting your relationship to shift into serious, he’s putting it in reverse. “If a man hasn’t gotten married by the time he’s 50, he’s probably not going to.""

... That's the kind of man I met a few months ago. At first sight, he was charming, sweet, and had sugar-coated tongue. I later found out that he was successful, and about 14years older than I am. He played his cards well and executed his seduction with ease, so that I was way into him by the 2nd month of meeting him.
I keep saying I'm smart, and No man could deceive me but as my mother always say, "No one can be smarter than someone going out of his way to deceive him". All the vibes I received from this man's body language were all screaming 'positive'.
I am a 28yr old lady, and I'm obviously worried about marriage. In the past, I have gone out with 'douche-bags', jerks, gold diggers (not that I have any gold to be dug, but I have a good job and I end up taking care of their needs), liars, and cheats. I'm fast approaching the age where I'll start being regarded a 'spinster' in my family, and I was scared out of my mind. My fear, on the other hand, made me stagnant on a spot with the fear of going into pointless relationships and heartbreaks. Besides, it seemed like my admirers (aka toasters) reduced as i got older (i.e cross over from the age of 26 years and still single), so I'm not having much option or luck in the relationship department. It was at the point where I was about to give up on men, marriage and love altogether that I met Gbenga. Gbenga, like most older men, showed me how a true gentleman was expected to behave. He taught me that love existed in the heart of real men, and showed it to me. We had taken the relationship so fast and serious that everyone of our friends had begun to assume we would walk down the aisle. Gbenga spoiled me with expensive gifts and money from an early stage into the relationship. I was a little bothered initially, until my friends told me that he was just "investing in me". He was the real deal; rich, handsome, and loving?... I was in the clouds. The different occasions when I asked him about his single status, he gave a sweet perfect response- "I remained single because I was waiting for you." It is only natural that we start having sexual relations as we kept getting deeper, and he wasn't the "kinky lover" nor was he very demanding in bed. Everything was simply perfect! I couldn't believe my luck; after years of hurts and worthless relationships, the most amazing man just dropped on my laps and he's crazy about me. 

(to be continued)

Con amor

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