Friday, 5 April 2013


I previously wrote a post titled truths and confessions, and I told the truth about my health but today, I want to share what motivates me with you all. I recently celebrated my 24th birthday (congrats to me!), and although I planned for the day based on "reality", I was somewhat optimistic. I wanted to have a day to treasure forever, and yet I couldn't have it with the one I truly wanted it with nor could I have it as I really wanted. The day turned out to be amazing, and fun with my sister being as sweet as always. My point is that "Sickle Cell disease did not stop me from having fun, living, dreaming, and doing all I wanted to do! It didn't prevent me from having a tremendous birthday!, and I don't think it should stop anyone". I know who I am, and it is different from what I am: I am Eyitayo, and a Sickle cell patient!

I have and will never hide from myself, nor the reality of my health. Knowing the truth and accepting it, has made me a rare gem of my kind!... I repeat; I AM Eyitayo Oladejo and I have the Sickle Cell Disease, but I am not my disease! It may have made me a stronger person in attitude, but it doesn't define me!
Since I was about 6yrs of age and knew why I was special/treated differently, I vowed to never let anyone worry about me. I made a resolution to myself that day that I would be strong for myself, my family, and my friends. I promised I would never be weak or show signs of weakness. I resolved that I would one day be an inspiration to people with sickle cell disease (SCD). And although I was scared deep down as a child, I grew up acting like I could stand any tribulations; like I wasn't scared of needles and pain!
I am not scared of what the future holds. On the contrary, I am frightened of what the present dishes me. So far, it hasn't dished me anything beyond my capacity to handle and for that, I am grateful. I remain alive till this day, filled with hope, love, fulfilment, and promise of a happy long life!
In the world, thousands of people are born with the SCD each year, and we loose hundreds to the disease daily. Some have become less privileged; some have become invalids; some have become ill with long lasting damages; and some have lost hope due to lack of proper care!
I am a very blessed and lucky girl indeed. Although I have scaled through some turbulences in life and I haven't had it totally easy, I am alive and healthy! The first thing I say each morning when I wake up is, "Thank you Lord""Alhamdulillah"!. I have had my tears, but I still get up stronger, and give the world the best damned smile it has ever seen! I have a family that knows the importance of good health, and spends financially/emotionally to make sure I am healthy. I am lucky because I have been through things that could have claimed my life, or left me in a way I wasn't born (invalid), but here I am today. 24 years, of happiness; 24years of good health; 24years of being a gorgeous Sickle cell patient and still smiling!
I have been blessed in every way, and I have been given the liberty of proclaiming God as my Lord and Saviour, Alhamdulillah. I have been given second and third chances to really be an inspiration to Sickle cell patients and I pray that they all receive the grace of hope as I have, Insha Allah!

... I proclaim today that I am not my disease, and neither are you!

Con amor


  1. This is both inspiring and full of hope. May Allah see you through your life endevours. Goodluck

  2. Beautiful. Sickle cell does not define who you are or what you are going to be.

    You are beautiful. and that is only the beginning of words that can be used to describe you out of many

    1. Awww... that's so sweet love, thankx. U'r pretty amazing yourself!

  3. Sweethearts,what a beautiful inspiring write up, of cause u're not ur disease but the most prettiest real gem hv ever met. Your strong will to live a fulfilled life in good health,happiness and peace of mind is based on ur faith and nt on ur defficiency.The pen has dried,the pages hv been lifted: all events that shall come to pass hv already been written,all ur problems in life shall come to pass insha Allah Rahaman.Angel,remain beautiful,happy and be optimistic.YOU ARE BLESSED

    1. Thanx so much big sis, I'm quite cute aint i? lol... May our prayers be answered. Luv u muchos!

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  5. Richard Opeyemi Elesho20 June 2014 at 14:06

    Your story left me WOW!!! This really overwhelmed me and I just went speechless. Howbeit, this is inspiring, courageous and breath taking. Keep the focus, I admire and congratulate you as you live one day at a time with good health, great achievement and fulfillment in your journey through life. Remain blessed and unstoppable Eyitayo, and a victor over sickle cell disease!