Saturday, 9 February 2013

Two can break hearts...

I'm so sorry it took me forever to post another topic on this blog. Unfortunately, I've been down emotionally and psychologically these past weeks especially with valentine's day approaching (my worst part of each year so far..). Anyway I'll post the final part of Ireti's story (A Quarter Of Our World) right after this article, and I hope to tell you precisely why I hate february 14th after that so please bear with me.

The other day, I listened to an interesting programme on radio and it got me laughing as well as thinking. Really, who is the deadliest heart breaker between men and women? I thought about this for hours and couldn't come to a conclusion. As a lady myself, and rapidly growing into a fine woman, it's natural for me to support my gender and point the accusing finger at the men. But is this truly the case? I think we're all the same though, and we all have our share of heartbreaks dished to us, as well as dished out by us!

What I've led myself to believe is that women don't break hearts, they only leave it unattended. Men on the other hand, don't just break hearts. They also crush it! Don't crucify me guys! Read on..

Let me try and analyse this (any disagreements can be raised please);
If a lady is ready to leave a guy, she firsts dissociate herself from him emotionally and physically before breaking the news to him. Such that, even the guy knows what's coming before she says it. Women have been psychologically proven to want attention from their partners (most reason for break-up) and are often emotionally attached in relationships (especially ones that are sexually active). A lady that is pretty attached to you will sure soften the blow, cause she knows most of the hurt will eventually be dished back to her. I'm not saying there aren't a few bad eggs in the feminine gender, all I'm saying is that about 80% of ladies don't break up cruelly. Also note please that I have not said women don't mess up in relationships, I'm just giving an instance where all is rosy in the relationship and she just suddenly loses interest. A lady in that situation will consider your feelings (as well as hers), and try to make the break up as soft as possible. In plain words, if I hurt a guy I'm terribly in love with... then I might as well confess to hurting myself beyond repair!

A guy, on the other hand, may just make the decision to end it, and instantly ends it without considering HER feelings. Note that I used "guys" instead of "men". That's because I want to believe anyone who calls himself a man should be mature/man enough to handle a break-up without leaving blood trails behind him. Which is less than what I can say for the generation of "guys" we have now. These guys are brutal (Yes, I said it!), and they do as they please, not wanting to grow up. The ones I never pray to come across, are those who do all to chase after a girl just to get in her pants. Some even hook up with ladies because of a stupid bet they made with their friends. I can't decide on the set that are worse. They lie, deceive, give false hopes, degrade morally, psychologically, n emotionally, use a lady's body as they please, and then discard her like a piece of trash! To be fair though, men also love attention and psychology studies show that men have more insecurity issues than women. This study has been used to explain most behavioural habits that men exhibit towards their women, most especially cheating and having multiple sex mates. In other words, if you constantly add to your man's ego and tell him beyond reasonable doubt how amazing he is, he may actually start believing you ain't leaving him (though I really doubt it if that can curb infidelity in most guys).

I may have spoken from the female perspective, but that's why I welcome comments and suggestions. You decide who the worst heart breaker is. I still believe we all break hearts proportionately and get our hearts broken in return. So, I won't conclude but who do you think the worst heart breakers are? Men or Women?
Please comment!

Con amor

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