Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love? Yes, please!

I read a story on the internet about a couple that were so in love and the husband usually gives his wife 46 bouquets, and a note that reads "my love for you grows", on every valentine's day. Her husband died, leaving her alone with 4 kids, but on the next valentine's day, she received her flowers (46 bouquets) and a note from her husband. She thought it must have been a mistake and called the florist who then told her that her husband had prepaid for many years and made them promise to continue sending her bouquets every valentine's Day with his note attached. Oh, the new note read "my love for you is eternal"
Can you imagine having that kind of love in real life, these days? A love that is beyond physical and that goes on even after death? A love that is thoughtful and sweet? People like me would want to fall and stay in love!!

Moving on, I surfed the net (precisely facebook) and I saw a cute picture. It was a colourful cake that looks like it may be delicious! On it, were the words "Can I Pamper you Tomorrow?" (The picture was posted yesterday, 13th february). This is one of the most thoughtful and sweet things I've seen during any valentine's celebration. The fact that he or she thought of doing something for his/her partner before the much awaited St Valentine's day makes the gesture sweet. Also, he/she actually asked if his/her partner wanted to be pampered on Valentine's day, thereby leaving room for "option". He/She didn't just assume that the partner would be free to be pampered. Thirdly, the word he/she used on the cake is one I love "pamper", he/she didn't say "can I take care of you?" As most people (men) do (as if you can't take care of yourself without their help *eyesrolling*).. When I hear the word "pamper", what comes to mind is; waking up to breakfast in bed, a special home cooked meal for your partner that you've obviously put a lot of effort in, and a personal massage to ease your partner's tension/stress (doesn't matter if you aint that good). Whether it was a man or a lady that gave the cake doesn't matter in the end, as they will both feel a certain thrill at being so thoughtful to each other.

See? That's proof that I'm actually not anti-love, I'm actually a very huge fan of lovers (:D ). I'm also not an anti-valentine's day person, I just hate what we've turned love into. When I expressed what I considered to mean "pamper", take note that everything I said there are expressions of love that can be done any day of the year and as many times as you desire. I guess it can be done on St Valentine's day as well, since its also a day like any other (and to me, simply 14th of february) but gestures of love like this should NOT ONLY be expressed on Valentine's. I wrote an article this day last year, emphasising that if a man can not show me love on a regular day, then he shouldn't bother showing extra love on St. Valentine's day and I meant it!: Read here-

Love, is a beautiful thing, whether single or not and the thought of knowing you've loved, been loved, and are still in love has to be the best feeling in the world (of course, it also means you aint so bad and someone somewhere can tolerate you... Hehehehe). Seriously though, love is worth being celebrated: I just don't believe it should be celebrated once a year because a man died on the 14th day in february ages ago (as if that is something to be celebrating), but it should be celebrated at every given chance and opportunity! Love should be expressed in different gestures daily (those little gestures count more than diamonds or 100K gold once in a year), and NOT just on St. Valentine's Day!!!
P.S:- Try not to make single people (like me) feel like jumping into the ocean to escape all the annoyances flying about! Thank you, for being so considerate (in advance) and have a thoughtful day with your lover.

Cuando te digo la belleza del amor, es porque me ha encantado!

Con amor

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