Saturday, 21 April 2012


"....I'm sorry, it's over"
"...I met someone else"
"...I love you, but this can't work"
"'re simply not good enough"

It's surprising just how little it takes to get a broken heart(Or rather, brought back to the real world)!. It's a misery why we even bother falling in the fantasy of "love" at all, when all we gain from it is sorrow and tears in the end.

 #The beauty of love, is getting your heart broken; but still finding a lil of the pieces to continue loving.....#
I read that somewhere and I must say, I find it very true. The beauty of love, how rare! Who doesn't know love is painful?... Only problem I have with that logic is; how easy is it to continue loving when someone just shattered your heart into a million pieces? Which of the tiny fragments will you pick together? How can you mend something so fragile? Loving takes a whole heart, not a part of it and It takes a lot of determination, will, as well as courage for any woman to entrust an important piece of her (I.ε her heart), to a man... A worthy man.
They say; "A man that can not show his woman (and the world) the degree of his love, is not worthy of her love". Is this true? Some people may not just be comfortable with expressing(or may not know how to express) emotion. I've read so much about love, that it gets both enlightening and confusing at the same time. It's about time I stopped reading, and actually define what the word "LOVE" is to me. Actually, I think everyone should know what love means to them before expressing it. Or, how can you feel something you don't understand?

Loving to me, is more than saying "I love you". Loving is power, its weakness, its sacrifice. Loving is that very confused emotion that just keeps drawing you to that 1 person! Love is when a man decides to flaunt his woman to the world and is proud of her achievements (no matter how little), while helping her to grow".

I personally don't bother trying to fall in love again with all the complexity n all, but life just has a way of giving us a sucker punch in the form of "love" especially when we least expect it. And after, starts a whole new process of heart break.
Life has played me different series, but when it comes to this episode of love, I'm yet to know the title of my story nor do I know the cast. I only hope to be favoured with not only an understanding man, but also a man that's proud to walk side by side with me and tell the world; "She's mine, My Queen!!"

Con amor

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