Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Berry Birthday to ME!..

I awoke this morning by 4am (if you consider waking up every 30mins to check the time sleeping) to get ready and go to the airport to await my sister's arrival.

 It's a very special occasion for me because it's also my birthday! YippieE!!! So, today's my birthday, I'm 23 and my sister decided to make the day special by gracing the occasion with her arrival. Actually, she's always made my birthday special and put smiles on my face. This year is no different, and that's one reason I love her so much!

I remember my 22nd birthday, last year when I was feeling quite detached. My sis left her PPA early, and brought a birthday to my office. She bought me a yummy muffin and tried placing 22 candles on it! (Lool ... You can imagine), then she placed M&M's on the cake plus a drink to go with d occasion. She gave me a cute lil blue journal as a gift. I was tear joyed. Even remembering it now brings happy tears to my eyes. I call her my world, because she's the only constant in my life and she always makes me happy!.

So, today she made it extra special!. She bought me tons of goodies! And all the birthday gifts I got? Awesome! Some fom her and others, my uncles in UK sent. Oh and I love the cards so so much. Our imam also came over for a special prayer. Everyone has either called or sent sms and I see myself on the dp of 80% of my contact list, I feel so loved right now!

I woke up with a smile, and I'm still smiling. Alhamdulillah I'm alive, healthy and happy!.. Insha Allah, I hope to be alive to see many more years in good health, happiness, and fulfilment.

Thank you all for giving me a beautiful birthday filled with berries!!!

Con amor


  1. Dnt mention swty...enjoy ur berry birthday and have fun to the fullest,its ur day #wink

  2. Happy birthday in arras sweetie sorry I've been away for a while.... bless God u had a swell day