Thursday, 2 February 2017


I have been watching a lot of home videos lately, in retrospect to real happenings around me, and I keep deriving the same conclusion. One way or the other, no matter how perfect you are, men will always cheat.
Be the perfect stepford wife, cook his meals, clean up after him, do his laundry, be the intelligent partner he can throw ideas around with at night, and satisfy him well in the bedroom. All these don't matter because as soon as the devil in skirt comes chasing after him, it's over. It's like half their brain is only programmed to have sex because I genuinely don't understand why a man whose wife is pleasing him in every way, will still cheat  on her with another that cannot even nearly be compared to your woman. Is the sex all that different? Is it worth ruining your marriage and life for? That's a question many men never bother to ask themselves before plunging into these affairs.
Explain to me how intelligent men can't think around a short skirt, and their only goal in the 30minutes that follows is how to get under those skirts; by all means possible. I would have thought his wife's sacrifice to be able to take care of him and love him daily would count for something. I have concluded that there's really nothing like "sexually sated" in a man's head.
Even when your wife is a sexy independent working class lady that still finds a way to satisfy  you every single day, it's just never enough. Even though she works like you do and is even working harder (as she has a home and a big baby in form of a husband to take care of), it will never occur to you to appreciate her efforts and be faithful. That's all she wants from you emotionally, is it really too much to ask???
Men can't just resist the long legs on heels and tight ass in jeans or shorts. It pisses me off that I can't seem to comprehend the rationale behind their reasoning. They just keep grabbing any piece of ass or skirt as they go... it's the way they were programmed to operate, I guess.

Con amor

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