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Feb 14th came by & ruined me…..What’s next? ….. BY Fairygem

All I was hoping for was to surprise her…………..
‘I wish I could be in your arms forever’, those were her exact words a week back as I left for my unintended 2-weeks work trip.
 I can still recall that faithful day, strolling hand-in-hand along the garden path with a foreign sense of euphoria while the rest of the world was tuned out of my mind. Trying to get back the sensation right now, but it’s hopeless because the veins that were pumping with warm blood are now covered with icy daggers. Looking up at her, it still seem like a blurry vision, Today is 15th of February and I just got served a dish of broken heart (right on time too as my wake up alarm just started beeping).
In mere words, if I had a soul mate there was no questioning that she will be the one. We are so compatible on a level that scares even me sometimes and it has always been that way. We’ve had trying moments but nothing we couldn’t get through.
I still recall the disappointment on her face when I told her about the impromptu but mandatory two weeks work training scheduled to run from the 7th till 21st of February. Just the look of disappointment on her face then slashed at my heart into two because of all the plans we have made for the approaching Feb 14th. ‘This was my love, the lady I want to spend the rest of my life with’, I was dead sure as I told her these exact words. ‘With the rest of eternity left to spend with me, why will an uncelebrated valentine matter?’…. If only I knew then
As always, we kissed and made up, though I knew she was sad, these were tough times and unemployment shouldn’t be added to my list of adversities. It seemed like a sign from God when the instructor pointed out the mistake with the course timeline and said we will be through by Thursday, Feb. 14th 2012. I felt giddy just thinking up scenarios and my love’s response to having me back home on the special day after all. For some reason, I just wanted (not quite the right word!!) I NEEDED this one day to stand out from all the rest and as the day approached, my eagerness and impatience grew…  With all arrangements made, my confirmation calls to various stores yesterday to ensure my orders have been well placed and ready for my pickup. I placed a call to her then, recalling every statement as it was just last evening…
I told her I will be attending an evening seminar (to make up for flight time, delays and all), so I will be unreachable for a few hours, and then confirmed what her plans were. I was more than happy when she said she will be going to see a movie after work with some work colleagues, (Great! I don’t have to sneak into our shared apartment and mistakenly get shot as I heard happened earlier that morning). With more questions, I discovered she will be seeing Flower Girl showing at 8:20pm at the Ikeja mall… This will place her back at home for about 11:00pm.. Everything was just falling into perfectly tidy knots and that should have been my cue about the pending disaster but within all the excitement, my anxiety became mistook for keenness.
I got to Lagos by 7pm, did multiple stopping to get the cake, chocolates, packed 3-course meal to go, flowers and of course, nothing like some fancy necklace to make my lady feel adorned. Everything was in place and I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face, to hold her in my arms again (and possibly never let go), those thoughts brought smiles into my soul.. Closing to 11 and I waited eagerly while trying her mobile number, switched off… (Blackberry batteries.. Arrgghh!!).
Minutes twisted into hours while I kept waiting, thinking of the worst (accidents) but hoping for the best (she crashed at a friend’s place). Its 6am as when a car pulled up in front of the house and my angel got down. A breathe of relief escaped from my lips.. She is alright, All I wanted to do was rush to pull her close, It’s a good thing that my train of thought paused me a bit, as I may have missed the lanky and well dressed guy who got down from the drivers’ seat and placed a full length French kiss on her lips.. Minutes passed by and I waited there.. staring at them, or was it hours? I see her point the entry door to the stranger while she switched her phone on…. I felt my phone vibrating while he walked towards the door, I knew who was calling and I couldn’t stop myself from picking up
‘Hello love’.. She said…. Her voice sounds so angelic while I see her throw a wink towards him…
I couldn’t speak, all I can think of were, the bottle of wine by the door, trail of rose petals from the door to our dining table…. My heart sank as she ended the call (she probably thought it was a bad reception). She walked towards the door to meet her companion… I looked around searching for an Exit point, but I couldn’t move … All I could feel was the crippling weight of the engagement ring in my pocket.

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