Sunday, 10 March 2013

Forgiveness: the sensible choice...

Forgiveness is a very vital aspect of life. Either in relationships, friendships, or in our day to day activities. We should always learn to forgive regardless of how we have been erred after all, to err is human and to forgive is divine!

"Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil".........

Fear not, I'm not about to start quoting the Bible or Quran to give u endless passages and reasons why you should forgive. I'll leave that choice to you, while hoping you make the sensible one!
Forgiveness actually begins and ends with you, not the wrong doer. You have to be willing to accept and come to terms with whatever it is you're mad about. Then, and only then can you open up your heart to forgive. Anger is one of the most destructive emotions human beings have, alongside love, jealousy, obsession, and hatred. Often times, anger affects our physical well being and health in various ways and makes us totally unreasonable, if not destructive.
Angry people are more vulnerable to sin and so, the sooner you forgive, the sooner you let go and that way, you can avoid your anger redirecting into depression, sullenness, self-pity or snide remarks that may end up hurting more people around you than you intend! To avoid these, try not to let the sun set on your anger and try to resolve whatever upsets you before going to bed.
Health wise, anger has been said to trigger heart attacks (which eventually may lead to stroke), accelerate coagulation (most likely in the vessel) that causes pain, increases the total cholesterol of the body(increases the bad LDL cholesterol more than the good HDL cholesterol), and may lead to death as we are often not in control of ourselves while angry.

Everyone have their moments, and the holy books don't preach against anger although it preaches against the sin we may commit while angry. Jesus Christ had moments of anger, and it is in the holy books. Only his anger did not stop him from trying to win souls, spreading the gospel, healing his people, and being a nice gentle soul. In fact, God himself (our Almighty God, who is without sin), is said to have gotten angry a few times in the bible. The Hebrew word for anger appears approximately 455 times in the Old Testament, and of these, 375 times it refers to the anger of God. Yet, he forgives us... Who are we, to hold a person in debt of their mistakes (especially when we know the possible risks our anger can trigger)!

Anger is a natural feeling but should never control you nor should you be hasty in expressing it, especially in love and relationships, forgiveness should be paramount. We weren't there when Romeo and Juliet were in love, but I know it all couldn't have been all rosy before they both decided to die for love! I'm sure once or twice, they would have hurt each other and still forgave each other. Jack and Rose obviously didn't know each other long enough before the titanic sunk, or they would have had more disagreements than one with their difference in lifestyles. All they knew well though, was their hearts and the love that bound them together on that ship.
Forgiveness is a choice, a healthy choice; the way love is. You can choose to remain in love and give your all, forgive, move on, and live in peace and happiness; or you can remain angry, and throw away the good the Lord has blessed you with via your anger. Making mistakes is a natural part of life, but you should never allow yourself to be held back by them nor should you allow another pay for their mistakes forever!

Please, for the sake of this special month we are in, and for your own well-being, I implore you to forgive whoever has trespassed against you or wronged in any way, as the Lord himself forgives you of your sins!

Con amor

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