Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Quarter Of Our World..... 2

I have tried to avoid getting my husband angry since the incident that happened that night, and God knows i've definitely tried very hard to be a virtuous woman for him. Unfortunately for me though, Jide (my husband) does not need any cause to hit me again.

Two days after that night, i made him vegetables for dinner and my husband had a problem with it. He as good as bathe me with his dinner and pushed me aside as if i was some plague. I had to clean myself up and make him another dinner that day (rice mixed with vegetables). I was really hurt that my husband could treat me in such manner when he could have simply told me to boil some rice for him to have his vegetables with, but as i said earlier i'm what you call a fool and a coward. I just ignored the fact that he was rapidly changing and continued my duties in the home as his wife. At this point however, his family were already stressing me about having a child even though majority of them are in Nigeria. Some have even called me to accuse that i wanted to distance their son from them is the reason i "took him to live in the US with me". Few of his family living also here in the US are like the devil's agents. They come to the house unannounced, to insult me in my home and my husband has never bothered to stand up for me with them. When we first got married, we talked about having 3 or 4 children and when i told him a few months later that i was pregnant, he insisted that i had an abortion. I know what you're thinking, a married woman? an abortion?... Well yes, i am a married woman and my husband asked me to abort our first baby. I did as he wanted because i didn't want to crumble my marriage at such early stage, when all he wanted was just to enjoy his wife some more before the arrival of our kids. Ever since the abortion though, my husband insisted that we get pills and just to be safe in case i didn't use it (of course, i don't use it), he always uses a condom. Till this day, he still makes love with me with a condom... as if i'm a whore!

The day i called his aunt to explain my dilemma to her was the day i made the biggest mistake.When his family trouble was getting unbearable, i had to confide in my sister and she urged me to tell my story to one member of his family maybe they would understand my plight and talk to my husband. I chose his aunt because it took her some time to have a child as well, and she was still a little lenient with me. She was shocked by my revelation alright, and she promised to speak with my husband. She did as promised, but i didn't expect the sort of response i got from my husband. He got home that day from work looking furious, and demanded to have his dinner. I served him his best meal that i had spent hours in the kitchen preparing and he just looked at it and threw it away. I thanked God i wasn't in his line of sight or i would have been injured, but that was just a preamble. He got up, grabbed me by my hair into the bedroom and beat the living day light out of me! He finished beating me, stripped me naked and had rough sex with me (i dare not call it rape because he is afterall, my husband). He later got up, and said i wanted sex without protection and he had given it to me and then he walked out of the house, leaving me lying there crying like a new born........

Con amor

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