Wednesday, 15 February 2012


So, valentine's over and a lotta heart breaks trailing behind it...

I hope ya'll had a fun february 14th, cause mine was BORING!.. It probably had something to do with my single status more than my disinterest in the day, but it was still very much dry. I've always seen the whole celebration as "way over board", and why won't I?

Going to work in the morning from home, I couldn't count the number of reds' and whites' I saw! Even old market women wore red and white. That's to point just how popular "valentine's day" is. Okay seriously, I understand how red was chosen to represent the day (courtesy of the colour of the heart), but how did white make it on d chart?

Anyway, my point is; After spending lots of money (in dis economic state of the country o) on meals, gifts, and of course fuel (on top subsidy removal). Exactly what has been the gain?

Okay!, maybe I'm just saying all these because I had no one to spend it with but deep down, I still can't fathom why anyone would want to throw around so much money without a care. The money could have served more purpose to you if invested, and would have put smiles on lots of children's faces if donated to an orphanage!

What happened to valentine cards, with fake roses on it? What happened to composing love poems or letters on valentine? What the heck happened to just sending text messages?

Well, I should probably inform #myfuturehubby formally now that we must never waste money on such occasions if it ain't our anniversary. Any affection or love you can't show on a normal day should stay buried in you on "valentine's day".

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  1. lolololol truly overated but why the hate now??

  2. My sister, I don't hate vals o.. I just hate what pple have turned it into. An excuse to spend as much as you want....

  3. Absolutely overated. I can't agree more with your closing sentence ''Any affection or love you can't show on a normal day should stay buried in you on "valentine's day".'' Its more of a bandwagon effect more than anything else.

  4. in a way u r right..but u Wear white colored clothes on valentine if you are double sided...and celebrating love or st valentines day is never a many couples stopped the romance in their marriage long time ago but for vals day thy still look for a way to rekindle it just for that day..That my sister should not be taking outta anybody's life..the feeling of being loved and appreciated