Sunday, 27 November 2011

Real Differences...

I've seen and heard about different definitions of love, and I have to say they're all crap!
Don't get me wrong! It's not like I know the exact definition of love..
All I know is that any love that isn't supportive, encouraging, trusting, faithful, and can not stand tests such as religion and tribalism, is no love!

Like seriously! In this age and century?
Religion differences? Where does compromise come into play? And sacrifice? Don't forget understanding! Where does all this come in? Especially when choosing a life partner!!
Should love really be dependent on religion and tribe of both parties?
Should anyone have to just be with any other person simply because they practice the same religion? Or are from the same tribe? Should they be together without considering their personalities and compatibility?
For example; Being a muslim is a big deal (especially for pretty single lady), and if you're lucky enough to fall in love with a wonderful practising muslim, then that's perfect. But not everyone is that lucky. It happens like that as well in Christianity, not just islam.
So, what happens when you ain't one of the lucky ones? What happens when life dishes you a slice of it's miseries, and you end up falling in love with someone of different religion or tribe?
Must you live your life in misery and unhappiness? Just to fulfil an obligation? Whose obligation is it anyway? Is it not the Lord's?
Yes, and is it not the same Lord we serve? Fine, two(2) different prophets, two(2) different books. But ONE(1) God; only two different ways of reaching out to him.

You should understand that this issue isn't only about religion. It goes for tribes as well. We're one, created by 1 God, the ALMIGHTY! Then, why are we separating ourselves, when we should be uniting?
Is it not a sin to treat other beings created by HIM, like they're lesser creatures? If dat's not a sin, then I think it should be!
It's bad enough that we are violent towards each other, and we don't care about the next man.. But separating ourselves from others as if we're any better? I don't think it's right.

If we can just get past the issue of religion, and tribalism and get on ahead with more pressing issues, then we'll have more love in our hearts..
Maybe the good Lord, will even start forgiving us some of our sins!

Con amor


  1. Couldn't be better said...It hurts me when I see single ladies suffer because the one they love is from a different tribe or religion.
    Suffering caused by their family members, or (worst of all) self- afflicted suffering caused when they deny themselves of the love they deserve because they are looking for perfection with respect to tribe and religion.

  2. I couldn't have said it better, thanks for sharing your view.