Sunday, 23 April 2017

#throwback post #31/03/2017

Sometimes you get stuck in a place, and then you realise just how fast life is passing you by. How do you even begin to grasp it? How do you stop time? How do you tell life you're simply trying to catch your breath, that you need a time out?
The weird thing is, it is at this juncture when your trying to reevaluate your life that you notice just how fast time is speeding by. Friends slowly become acquaintance, lovers slowly become mere pals, and the only people whose place is constant in your life is family. We begin to loose focus on things we want to do, and give ourselves reasons to focus on what we need to do.
It's my 28th birthday today, and I must admit I've come a long way from the girl that started this blog in 2011. I haven't achieved what I set out to, but at least I'm not in the same spot. I will myself to keep moving, whether or not I see a future in sight.
Anyway, I received my sister's call as usual first thing at midnight, but then no other call came. I picked up my phone to call someone, anyone that came to mind and then I realised what my life had become. In a bid to avoid hurts and heartbreaks, I have shoved a wall between myself and many others. There's no one to place a call to me early on my birthday and say soothing words
Is this really what I set out to achieve? No, but it is now my reality and I intend to live with it- just like I've been living with past choices.
A happy 28th to me!

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