Tuesday, 6 May 2014

NIGERIA..... *sigh*

Initially, I had no intention of creating a post from an horrible event that has had the whole nation brood and shed tears but I have observed that we live in a part of the world where human lives worth nothing....

It has been almost a month now since 274 secondary school girls were abducted in Borno state Nigeria, and not much has been done to get these girls back (that is, if anything is being done at all). When will the killings stop? When the the bloodshed end? Will the human sacrifices ever end? Who are these boko haram terrorists? They are men, with flesh on their skin and blood in their veins. They are inhuman individuals that carry out the will of Shaytan (Satan), and not that of Allah. These men, as much as they terrorise the nation, have mothers! They weren't thrown out of the skies... They have wives, or at least women they enjoy sexual companionship with; and a majority of them must have CHILDREN!!!!! Why then, must they allow little girls to suffer for what they didn't do?

Having said that, I also need to take a few lines to address our President's response to the incident. It is only in Nigeria that a president, can go campaigning for a second term shortly after 274 girls were abducted by terrorists in his country. Where and how does a sane human being act thus? Lives and properties have been lost, Children have been abducted, and all a President of a nation cares about is a chance to rule again the second time. In other parts of the world where 20% of these events didn't even happen, their presidents had to step down and resign because he had failed his people and the nation. In Nigeria however, it ain't no big deal...

My heart goes out to the families that have been affected one way or the other by these terror attacks in the country. My prayer is that the Lord help you find a way to console you. As for the missing girls, please bring back these little girl unhurt. Allah will never ask a man to kill, sell, rape or forcefully marry small kids to please him. Islam is a religion of peace and true muslims are peaceful. I am a muslim and i insist we are not terrorists! Stop giving our religion bad names!!

Nigeria needs to step up with its responses to emergencies. We need to start valuing each other, and remember that each life is precious! May the Lord protect these girls wherever they are, and may he spare their lives.

God bless Nigerians; God bless us all!

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