Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mi Familia

I have probably dropped hints about the kinda AMAZING family I am fortunate to be born into, but its a wonder why I haven't dedicated a post to them. I'm rectifying that today by telling you what makes my family the best!
I know I should probably write about my parents first in this post, but they're actually not the MOST important in my life. Don't misunderstand me: I do love the silly, and they are very important in my life but if I'm to be honest, I'll tell you my sister is the center of my universe. I simply call her my world, my sunshine, my happiness, my baby, my princess or whatever else I deem fit. She's the most intriguing and wonderful sister in the world. Mostly, I tell her she's actually the reason for my existence but she just dismisses it. Mostly when I'm ill, she's all I think about; how she'll be feeling, is she sad? (I NEVER want to see my sister sad). When no other person can succeed in bringing a smile to my lips, she does and even adds light to my eyes. You've probably guessed by now that I love her beyond reason and you'ld be right. The most amazing thing is that she can be a huge pain in the butt, but I wouldn't have her any other way! :D :*

My father, popularly called Otunba, Chairman, or Alhaji (depending on who's doing the calling) has got to be the most caring father in the universe and hereafter. The Lord Almighty knowingly gave him the spirit of love, kindness, simplicity and the softest heart a man can possible possess. I can't tell you exactly what the 1st memory I had of my father is, but I probably blocked it out early in life. My sister and I never saw my father so much while growing up. He was in Abuja, and we schooled in lagos. Yes, we visited him during the long holidays, but it wasn't quite the same. As I grew up more, and he became a more constant part of our lives (moved back to lagos), I started to really understand him and I gave him another chance to spoil me rotten as his lil princess. I grew up and followed the path my Pa had drawn out for me, grateful and loving him all through. What I love most about my father, is how he endeavours to please us. Never wanting for anything nor lacking. He made me realise that it wasn't the amount of money in my pocket that made me wealthy, it is actually love of family. My father takes his family pretty seriously!

My mother, popularly called Alhaja or Mama Oriyomi by me, cannot be described by mere words. You know what they say about a mothers love surpassing any other kind of love? Well my mother is a MOTHER through and through. I call her the pillar of the Oladejo family, and I believe that without her, there probably wouldn't be Otunba Oladejo. She is every inch a woman: caring, loving, stronger than steel, yet so kind-hearted. I will be the luckiest girl if I can be half the woman my mother is someday. The most wonderful thing about my mother is just who she is. She is my angel, my guide, my queen, my MOTHER! My prayer is not complete in a day if I have asked the Lord to bless my mother abundantly. No use trying to find words to describe her, its nearly impossible. May Almighty Allah keep her for me, and make her the happiest of all mothers.

That is as far as my nuclear family goes, but its not where my family ends. I have a huge family, all of them awesome in their respective ways! Remember the saying, "blood is thicker than water"?, well in my world, love is even stronger than blood.
The YUSUF family!
I had to drop my pen at this junction as I have no idea where to begin. I am indeed blessed! I have the love of so many people, and they're MY family.
My Uncle Saheed (aka Ola Dollar), who has always been there for me every step of the way. He was there when I was young and lost, trying to lead me through example *smiles*; He was there, though emotionally and psychologically, when life became tough; He was there when the sun radiated in my life, he laughed with me, joked with me, and advised me on what's right . He's been a true brother, and he's always been there through it all!...

My Uncle Tee (aka Alhaji Habeebi *wide grin* aka Bro Tosin aka Afrika) is one of a kind. He's my sweetest big brother, he's always been amazing. I sometimes wonder who I love most between him and Uncle Saheed, and I usually end up thinking I love them both greatly! My Uncle Tee whom has no choice but to smile each time he sees me (Hehehehehe)! He was there when I went astray; He was there when things got rough, and we smiled together when everything got better. My big brother is a true gentleman and as loving as any man could be!

My surest Uncle KK is an inspiration in every possible way. With his beautiful wife (Sis BimBim), and their gorgeous princess Ameerah, we have the picture of a perfectly amazing family that I hold very close to my heart.

My Big Uncle KB and his wife Sis Tesly are 2 of a kind. So lovely and gentle-hearted. I'm sorry uncle KB, but Sis Tesly is gonna have to win in the amazing department here, with her beauty, talent, and the 2 cute babies (Aaliyah and Fadeelah) she's given us? Sis Tess, you ROCK!

My Biggest Sister, Doctor Korede. Where do I begin with her? With her motherly instincts, her love, the way caring seems so easy coming from her? She's the most amazing of the Yusuf clan! :p And the best of all is, she's a Doctor!!! \=D/

I'm the luckiest to have such wonderful people in my life! You're all worth more than gold to me, and you each hold special segments of my heart (Although some hold more than others) :D My life would never be complete without you all in it!

Con amor


  1. Love you too sis...:) and everyone else in d fam... still undecided about UNC tee tho :D :P ...

    1. Lolz... Thanks for the comment my world!. We all know that you and Uncle Tee have your own personal way of showing yourselves love, so I guess that's Jummie's way of saying "I love you BIG, Uncle Tee" :D *chuckles*